Do you want to be active in winter too? And not in the gym or fitness, but outside in the snow! At 10 or 15 degrees below zero! Do you want to really stretch your whole body? Do you want to ski across snowy nature? Do you want to really ENJOY!?!? Well then you MUST cross-country ski in the winter! Don't laugh, but believe me, it's possible to really enjoy cross-country skis 😊 and wake up muscles that you may not have known you had until now. You've probably already heard that cross-country skiing is a sport in which practically all the muscles of the body work! Breathing with full lungs and a fast beating heart are the perfect combination for your mind, which will be positive, happy, clear and motivated after the run!

The path to achieve the above is quite simple and short, and mainly covers two things;

- choosing a good teacher

- choosing the right equipment

In the cross-country school of Nataša Lačen, who is a sports teacher and participant of two Olympic Games, you will be coached to quickly achieve the desired level of skill which will allow you  to enjoy moving on skis.

  • You can learn individually (25eur/hour) or
  • in a group of 4 to 8 people (20eur/hour per person)

There are two techniques in cross-country skiing, free and classic, and after a discussion with your coach it will be decided which technique  you will start with.

Recordings and video analyzes are carried out during the actual learning.

Equipment rental is also possible.



Cross-country skiing is a sport which, at first glance, does not seem too technically demanding. However, when you find yourself on the track with skis on your feet, you will realise it is actually not that easy.

Any beginner who has solid control over their body can run on their own without any particular problem. However, they will soon realize that due to irregular movements, they are wasting energy unnecessarily, they are slow and they will end up not enjoying  running.

That's why we're here to teach you the basics of cross-country skiing, both in classic and free technique. If you want, we can coach you even further so you can improve your knowledge all the way to competitive technique. With the acquired knowledge, we guarantee running will become a pleasurable activity for you, as your body movements will be in harmony with nature.

B&B offers individual cross-country skiing courses with physical education professor and two-time Olympian and 18-time national champion Nataša Lačen. Nataša has coached many followers of this sport and ensured they started to enjoy cross-country skiing. As a former top competitor, she is an expert in cross-country skiing, and as a professor of physical education and cross-country skiing teacher, she has a sense of learning and knows different methods of gradual acquisition of new motor skills.

The courses are held on cross-country trails in Mežica, Črna na Koroškem, in the Bistra valley and on Lake Breška in Austria (snowfall), where it is possible to run from December onwards.

If you are still not convinced whether this sport is for you, but you want to give it a try, you can rent all the running equipment.

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