We are a family hotel (b&b) located in the center of Mežica, which is a small town lying beneath  the mighty Carinthian mountain Peca. We welcome everyone who likes homeliness, simplicity and a relaxed atmosphere.


B&B Bikeski 

We are a family hotel (b&b) located in the center of Mežica, which is a small town lying beneath  the mighty Carinthian mountain Peca. We welcome everyone who likes homeliness, simplicity and a relaxed atmosphere.

The b&b used to be a carpentry workshop where, among other things, the first and at that time the best alpine skis in Yugoslavia were made. The hotel is located just a short walk from the local supermarket. There is also a pizzeria, restaurant, kebab shop and bar in the immediate vicinity, where you can  experience the local village vibe.  Mezica is surrounded by local farms, just a few minutes' walk from the b&b, where you can taste the delicacies of a  typical Carinthian cuisine.

The hotel has four double and two four bedrooms, with each room having its own bathroom and a toilet. There is a kitchen in the common area, where we prepare breakfast made from fresh local produce. You can also prepare your own meals in the kitchen if that's your preference.

Under the old haystack you will be stricken by a very special kind of energy, influenced by  a relaxing atmosphere. This is a place where you can easily find a peaceful corner for rest, enjoyment and relaxation. Here you have the option to use an outdoor kitchen with a barbecue, and there is also a fireplace available. There is also a sauna under the haystack.

Upstairs, under a hayloft roof, there is a common bedding for eight or more people in the warmer summer months.

Next to it is a bicycle garage with the possibility of servicing and washing bicycles.

Within a walking distance of the b&b you will find the entrance to Podzemlje Pece.

Perfect location

In our immediate vicinity (10 minutes walking) is the entrance to the underground Peca, which is one of the five star experiences in Slovenia. Ten minutes drive from the b&b is MTB ZONE Bikepark Petzen in Austria, with the second longest flow trail in Europe. If you drive for about 8 minutes north you'll reach Črna, where you'll find one of the longest ziplines (Olimpline) in Europe ! Between Mežica and Žerjav, there is a starting point for the Mučevo via ferrata along the main road. Another ferrata "Na Olimpline" is located in Č1 rna and represents an ideal combination between ferata and  zipline, since the ferata ends right at the start of the zip line. Instead of the classic descent from the top of the via ferrata, you can descend into the valley via Zipline.

If you want to try Ferrata climbing you can hire a guide to take you on our via ferratas, or you can rent ferrata equipment and climb by yourself.


No more boredom :)

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