Carinthia, with its high mountains, is a paradise for one of the most beautiful winter sports - ski touring. The Carinthian mountains of Olševa, Smrekovec, Uršlja Gora, Raduha and Peca have starting points from Mežica to the beautiful valleys of Topla, Koprivna, Bistra, Podpeca.

The highest mountain Peca, at 2,125 meters above sea level, is a particularly attractive ski touring destination in good snow conditions. It has many starting points and a wide range of tours, from crossings, circular tours or just riding a snowmobile along the endless number of cobblestones from the vast Peca mountain range on both the Slovenian and Austrian sides. Freeriders can use the gondola lift on the Austrian side of Peca and thus save several hours of walking for a complete off-piste enjoyment of the unique Peca powder.

You can discover Carinthia mountains on your own, but if you are just gaining experience in this area, Boštjan, an experienced ski tour guide with a license, can accompany you.

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